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spindle and rotor question

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i was looking around some junk yards today for manual hub parts to convert. i found some axles for $65 a piece, and a left spindle for $150. here's my question. one junk yard said they had some prerunner spindles for $100 each, now I know the add and non add spindles are different but what about the prerunner spindles? are they different than both the other spindles? also, are the rotors separated from the hub like the add hubs? or are the hub and rotor on the manual hubs one piece?
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The prerunner spindles are very similar to the ADD spindles. They just have a cover on the back and a long bolt through the middle to take the place of the axle. Basically they are worthless if you are hunting for manual hub parts.
ok, thanks. what about the rotors? are they one piece with the hub?
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