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Sportworks Transport 2" Receiver Hitch Bike Rack $300.00

For Sale or Trade: Sportworks 2” Receiver Hitch Rack with the 3rd Bike Attachment. Holds up to 2.5 Tires. The 3rd bike Attachment is missing the Hoop for the tire. A Strap should be able to hold your 3rd bike in place. Other than that, the Main Rack which holds 2 bikes is in good condition.

I am looking to trade for a Thule Roof Rack to fit my 2001 Honda Accord Sedan with the 594 SideArm. I’d love to keep this Sportworks Rack, however, every company that makes a hitch for my car, tells me that the hitch is not made for it.

Located in San Jose, CA
$300.00 or Trade
[email protected]
Looks like this, I'll have the Actual pic later tonight.

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