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8th Annual
Spring Fling
-on location-

April 24-26
Hatfield McCoy Trails (Ivy Branch)
Julian, WV


There will be wheeling on Friday and Saturday.

Ivy Branch Off Road Park is a part of the Hatfield McCoy trail system. All drivers and passengers are required to purchase an individual User Permit. West Virgina residents cost is $26.50 for the calendar year. Non residents cost is $50.00 for the calendar year. These permits can be purchased online or at many other locations around the trails. (This includes the campgrounds and the HMT Visitor center near the trail head.)

Read park info here:
Hatfield McCoy Trails
Rules and Regulations
Ivy Branch
Ivy Branch Trail Map

Note: Helmets are required for all drivers and passengers. These helmets must be DOT approved. The only non-DOT approved helmets allowed are Axel brand.
Axel Offroad

Note: Roll cages are required on all Black and Black/Red trails

We will be camping at Little Coal River Camp Grounds from Thursday night through Sunday. This looks to be a decent facility. Running water with hot showers and ample parking for tow-rigs with trailers. Call (304)-369-1951 to make your own reservations. Tell them you are with OHTTORA so that we are all in the same area. Cost is $15 per 4 people.

Please make sure your truck has front & rear tow points and a spare tire. A CB will also be a big help.

This should go without saying but,
NO ALCOHOL ON THE TRAIL. Leave it at the campground.
Also let’s set an example.
If it comes in with you, make sure it goes back out with you.

As long as you can follow these simple rules you're welcome to come wheel with us. And as always, you don't have to have a Toyota to attend. If you have friends that like to wheel, but don't drive Toyotas, they are still welcome. All that we ask is that they follow the rules.

Links to some threads about past years event
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