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We went on an awesome snow wheelin trip today. Had the first flop of the year and my first de beaded tire.:*******: It was great fun! Got a lot of awesome pics so enjoy.

We got to the first trailhead and it was closed. So we went to a mountain pass that's guaranteed to have snow.

Stopping to let andys cow toyota cool down.

350 toyota with snow on the radiator.

The first obstacle a river with snow crossing. we know the owner of this land so ha!

Spinning the tires hard.

Blue toyota having fun.

Andy flopped his yota going to high on the wall.

Blue yota getting good air.

4runner spinnin the tires in the snow.

and got stuck in the wet heavy snow.

4runner snow bustin

toyotas rule the snow

I need beadlocks. It took forever to get the tire seated because we had a wussy compressor and no starting fluid.

At the last snow drift crossing i got stuck major in really deep heavy snow. broke my tow rope also.

it was a great day. I learned I need internal beadlocks and a nice air compressor.

Heres videos:
4runner snow and water crossing
flopped toyota
cow toyota snow bustin
blue toyota steep drop in
blue yota mud climb

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looks like you guys had a hell of a time today, i wish i could play in the snow!

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DentedTacoma said:
That looks awesome, I really like the different rigs. Don't know if I am missing something but what the hell is the rear suspension set up on that cowyota?
its got a three link with inverted springs cut in half. Its really bouncy and flexy.
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