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Ok, so here's another thread about a starter issue. I've read through some of the other threads on here but I've checked most of the common issues and they seem to be fine, and other things I'll check tomorrow with more daylight.

First off, I have an 88 4Runner with an 83-85 5MGE (not exactly sure on the year, bought the truck with the engine already in). For the first few weeks after I got it running, I had no issues with the starter or starting system, it always started up right away. Then, once in a while it wouldn't start, and a few on and off turns with the key would usually get it fired up. Next, it wouldn't start at all by the key. So, to me, it seemed like the contacts were bad in my starter. I pulled the starter and started to take it apart, and ended up stripping the two philips head screws that hold it together. Instead of trying to hack it apart to get this thing open, I just went and got a new starter at Lordco (It was only like 116 bucks, so not bad). I put it in, and it fired right up the first time. Took it for a spin, parked it, then when I went out that night it wouldn't start. I checked the wiring and it seems fine.

So now I'm at a point where it seems very weird. If I jump the starter and turn it over a few times, it will start with the key, but only once. If I turn the truck off, it won't start again unless I jump the starter. I'm really confused as to what could be causing this. Figured I'd post on here and see if anyone has any ideas before I tear into it tomorrow.

Some more info: The smaller wire off the starter with the plastic clip on the end runs into the cab, and is connected to 2 wires on the stock truck wiring harness. I'm going to go over all the grounds tomorrow, and if I can't figure it out, I'm just gonna put a push button start in the truck. Also, all the dash lights work, stereo turns on. The warning lights on the dash that stay on are the parking brake light and the charge light. Any input would be appreciated!

*Also to note, when I could start the truck, the clutch did not need to be pressed in to start it, and the clutch cancel button either doesn't work or is always on*
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