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We have been meaning to introduce ourselves for awhile now. We are entering the slower season, so we wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves and our staff.

Matt is our program coordinator. He has been with Stay The Trail for the past year and a half, coming from an ecology and 4x4 industry background. He is the guy coordinating and communicating with the BLM and Forest Service, planning projects, and teaching our volunteers. Ya'll may have seen him on the trail in his 96 4Runner.

The Stay The Trail Ambassador program is the volunteer arm of the "Stay The Trail" campaign. We hope that you would like to get involved and help us promote responsible trail use.

Through the Ambassador program, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to participate in sharing that ethic with other trail users and assist us with trail improvement events. Stay The Trail Ambassadors are encouraged to Ride, Educate, Monitor, and Maintain. Each aspect is something that volunteers can do anytime they hit the trails. We can go into detail about the importance of each in another post if there is interest.

We train volunteers using online meetings. Attend one 1.5 hour training session and you will be an Ambassador. We have several in the immediate future. You can check our Website Calendar or sign up by using the links:

Thurs December 20th - 6:30pm
Sat January 12th - 10am
Tues January 22th - 6:30pm

Oh, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook!
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