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Bought this thinking I was going to be a lumberjack and cut down a forest for firewood. Well... Ain't nobody got time fo' dat!!!

Stihl MS250 with a Stihl 18" bar and sharp chain. Looks to have very little use. I cleaned it up a little last night but I haven't cut anything with it. I will as soon as I get a chance just to make sure it is working as I think it will and should. I have an older Stihl 021 and just wanted something a little bigger.

Unlike the older Stihls, the MS series has tool-less oil and fuel tank caps. I really like this feature. They also have chain adjustment on the side of the bar, which makes for much easier chain tension adjustment.

I paid $270 for this off eBay. I picked it up from FedEx this past Monday. If I can't get $250, I will keep it. I am only selling due to a lack of time.

Location: Hot Springs
Traveling to Memphis this weekend, so it can find a ride to a new owner along that path.

Pictures coming shortly.
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