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Stock cat-back bolt removal problem

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I can not get the two bolts unscrewed off the cat/long pre muffler pipe. I tried spraying it with WD-40 and waitng and no luck. I tried putting a pipe on the end of the handle of the socket wrench for more torque and nothing. This sucks. I bought a magnaflow cat-back to install and can not do anything about it. My truck is only 8 months old and those bolts are all rusted to shit. Did the Michigan winter rust the underside of my truck that bad? Any helplful ideas would be appreciated.
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rdrector said:
I've always heated them them up with a torch till they're red. They usually come right off then. If you try this just make sure you clean off the WD40 since it's flamable.

One tip dont touch them when theys red! :p
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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