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VaTaco1 said:
Can anyone tell me what gears I have? I have a 2001 Ex Cab 3rze 2.7L 5 speed manual 4x4, that came stock with 265/70/16 tires and rims.

I have 31x 10.5 15 on Monster Mods right now, and I may be looking at 33's when I get my lift. I know new gears will be needed, so I need to know what gears I have now, and some suggestions on what gears to get.

It's a daily driver, easy to moderate trails once and a while. there any place on the truck that I can look to double check and confirm the gear ratio?
I have the same truck. Your truck likely had 4.30s (what my truck had). I have 33s and have since gone to 4.88s. At times I wish I went with 4.56s as the RPMs can really start to scream a highway speeds. 4.56s would drop the RPMs but also be less grunty. Pick your poison.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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