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Stock TRD front coils/shocks...

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Stock TRD front coils/shocks, so cal pick up only...

about 25k miles on them, off of my 2004 TRD Tacoma, $200. available for pick up only in san dimas (so cal), i won't ship.
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nhlbill said:
New suspension and muffler?
hahaha... i just got my taco two months ago. everything listed on my sig i installed within the last two months! i sold my audi and had some $ left over for a few parts :D
jdiesel said:
If your gonna sell shit on the internet, you need to be ready to ship if the buyer is paying. This is a nationwide website, post of your local if you refuse to ship.
i can choose to ship or not ship. it's MY choice. since i prefer not to ship, i stated so in the post. if you aren't close enough to pick it up, then you can buy a setup from someone else on the board. i see four other people selling the same suspension.

but i appreciate you going out of your way to tell me what to post and what not to post. that's really nice of you. btw, i haven't violated any of the rules for posting classifieds. thanks.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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