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Already posted this on the NB off topic, wanted to post it again here.
This '87 PU was stolen from Ventura CA.
It was posted on EXPO forum...
here are the details... lets find this truck for this kid.
Well my '87 Toyota Pickup 4x4 xtracab was stolen from outside my house in Newbury Park last Friday. I loved this truck, it was my first and I haven't had enough time to get to do what I've wanted with it yet. If anybody sees it around please please report it to the police and notify me. It's a tan xtracab 4x4 that had a white skillcraft (out of business) camper shell with a National Forest Adventure Pass on the rear window, also the rear passenger slider had been broken and replaced with plexiglass and its pretty obvious, pretty much everything else was stock. Also the bumpers were missing the endcaps and there is no TOYOTA decal on the tailgate. Inside was nothing special except I had built a custom rear storage cabinet in the xtracab.
Thanks Peter

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