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STS Turbo for 3.4L

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This turbo kit claims to give the prerunner or the 4x4 3.4L tacoma 224hp at the rear wheels. It claims a 84hp improvement over stock. It produces this power with only 4pds of boost. The kit comes with everything but at $4090.95 I wont be buying it for a Tacoma any time soon. Go to pick tacoma as vehicle go to name brands and hit the see all brands. Theres a good write up on it in the new Performance Products Mag.
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Live4yotas said:
Well I think if he had anything for our truck that he thought we would buy he would say what it is instead of tring to act like he has something he doesn't. If you have something instead of just talking about it show it.
Sounds like he's telling us they're working on it. Nothing wrong with generating a little bit of buzz about something. Can't picture Gadget releasing something before everything's just right.
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