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Ok, so I first realize that I am stupid, so please don't tell me what I already know. I have a 93 4runner with an '04 5VZ in it.

I washed the rig today, and then a while after I started it up to find this rattle underneath. Well, it backfired a couple of times, and then ran ok. Could not find the rattle so I shut it off. Went to go to the store a couple of hours later, and fired it up. Ran just fine while I was backing up, then proceeded to miss, backfire, and die. It would run ok for a couple of minutes after I started it, and then run rough and die. My a/f (Not wideband) would go way rich when it died.

To make a long story short (Too late, I know) I narrowed it down to the ecu. Pulled the kick panel and the floor was wet. As it turns out, I have a couple of nice little holes through the firewall into the passenger wheel well. So I pulled the ecu and it is currently drying in my house. I dried up the truck, and am going to try it on saturday.

My question is: Is my ecu going to be ok...given that the truck will run.....although not so well at times. I am really hoping I did not fry my ecu.

Ok, it has to be said again, I am a dumb a**
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