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sub and amp is SE PA

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everything is located in ephrata, pa which is in northern lancaster county. i'd rather not ship anything

1-12" Rockford Fosgate Punch HE subwoofer

300 watt Rockford amp (model # 301S)

all the necessary wiring

i also have 2 different boxes for can pick which on you want. i have a truck style box (thinner and wider) or a regular wedge style box (thicker and narrower).

i'm asking $250 for everything. this stuff has hardly been used, between the tacoma being in the shop and the problems i've had with the YJ its spent alot of time just sitting in my room.

also, i have....
one pair of kenwood exelon 5.25" speakers. only in the TJ for about 2 months before i traded it in. these cost me about 160 new...asking $80 OBO

i also have a pair of walmart off-road lights. these are never used still in the packages, make me an offer on these. they are like the 6" KC daylighters just the generic wallyworld brand, i just want em gone.

pics of it all here....
if ya need closer or more pics just ask me

[email protected]
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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