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Super Swamper SSRs?

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Anyone have any information on these tires. My mom's boyfriend has some on his Blazer w/ less than 1000 miles that he said he'd sell for cheap. So I was was curious if you guys had any information them? Such as how they handle on rocks, mud, snow, and ice. Any information would be a great help in my decision process.
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96Toy said:
Mud good rocks good any mud tire is gonna be good in the snow, Ice on the other hand if u drive to the conditions and drive responsible and not to much winter highway driveing they should be good.
Good to know, the winter season is passing us here so I don't think I'll have many problems w/ ice for a while. Plus I try to stay off the roads when it's icy.
BigBro said:
I love my SSRs. However, if you are buying used for cheap, make sure they show even wear and have been generally taken care of. You don't need someone else's headache.
Yeah I know they've been taken care of. His Blazer is pretty much a show truck and barely ever drives it so I think I'll be in good hands. :)
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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