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Supercharger issues

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Lately I've been noticing that my truck is knocking/pinging at high RPM under heavy acceleration/boost (even in 2nd and 3rd gear where it usually never knocks at all), but the power still felt pretty good...well last night I got on it pretty good down the highway, then after I pulled off and got onto the next street as soon as the truck got into boost it just fell flat on it's face and threw a CEL. Got home and checked it and it was a P0325, Knock Sensor Circuit 1 (Bank 1). The truck feels perfectly fine under normal/light acceleration, but as soon as it gets into boost there's absolutely no power and it throws the CEL.

I only run Chevron or Shell gas and always 91, I did a full Seafoam treatment ~4 months ago along with an oil change, cleaning the MAF sensor and cleaning the air filter.

Any ideas on what could be going on? What could be causing the high RPM knocking?
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Well I was kinda of thinking a MAF sensor issue, and on my way back from the store I got two more CEL's:

P0113 Intake Air Temp Sensor Circuit 1 Circuit High Input
P0101 Mass or Volume Air Flow Circuit Range/Performance
I had the same thing, knock sensors 1 & 2; so while they went in I had them replace the fuel injectors.
I should of had them do the headgasket as well because a week later they are back into the same are replacing my headgasket! 😞
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