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Supercharger Questions

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I am looking to buy a used tacoma, and I came across one that has the dealer installed TRD supercharger. The truck has 32,000miles on it. I know they have lean problems, so my question is..Has the damage already been done? I'd love the extra power, but I'd rather have a motor that I dont have to worry about. Also, about how much does it cost to do the fuel upgrades to get it running right? And how about transmission longevity...I've heard there have been some issues with the autos with superchargers, but how about the 5spds, this truck is a 5spd.


EDIT: A supercharged truck requires premium fuel, right?
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thanks guys....As for if he is charging more for the truck because it is supercharger, it is at a Ford Dealership, and they dont even know that it is supercharged. As of right now I dont think I could deal with using premium if I had the s/c I would be tempted to spend $$ on headers and exhaust and all that good stuff...I think i'll have to pass on this one.
Thanks for the input though.
saki302 said:
Here in CA with the already high fuel prices, premium gas doesn't concern me much. It's virtually always $.20 above regular. If gas is $.99, $1.20 for premium seems like a jump. now if gas is $3.00, $3.20 isn't much more by comparison. TRDOLMAN's S/C'd truck gets better gas mileage than stock (21mpg), so if you figure all the mods get you more power and mileage, it may be cheaper to run premium gas on a modded truck with a light foot than regular gas on a regular truck, assuming gas prices are high.

Just a thought.


Key phrase there is "with a light foot"...that is one thing I do not have.
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