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Swamper STS?

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I cant decide between the STS and the SSR swampers, but i am leaning towards the STS, have any of you run these tires? If so do they balance well at all? And how do they do offroad? The only offroading they will see is Moab a couple times a year. So if anyone has run them at moab, how did they do on the red rock?
thanks a lot all.
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What size are you looking at?

If you are running a 35 or smaller, get BFG A/Ts. They are great on the street, good in snow (if you get it), and do very well on slickrock.

Why deal with the issues of a Swamper if you don't need the performance?
Well, this is applies to many, but not necessarily all of their tires, and is more common with the bigger meats:

-Not as round as they could be
-Develop flat spots overnight
-Hard to balance (basically out-of-round and heavy)
I do like the look of the STSs, but was steered away from them when I was building my first truck.

My BFGs are doing good, and should last until my swap.
I'm in Ogden now, going to college at Weber State U.

Going back home to AK for the summer.
I'll have to see how my IROKs do when I finally get them mounted, after my axle swap. I look forward to seeing how well they balance, ride, and if they flat spot badly.

My buddy has had three sets of Swampers on his truck - 31 or 32" SSRs, 35x16" Boggers, and 38x12.5" TSLs - and both the Boggers and the TSLs would flat spot overnight. They seemed to balance alright, and the TSLs were surprisingly quiet, but both wore like erasers on the street, but that's just the way it is.

I would like to see Interco give me new tires if my IROKs won't balance. I highly doubt they would remotely consider shipping 4 new 36" IROKs to Alaska at their expense. It would be very, very cool of them, but I don't think they would do that.
1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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