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I'm heading up to do sycamore creek on wednesday Sept 2 and everyone is welcome to join. I have never done the trail so expect a long day. I do not plan on doing squeeze rock but if anyone wants to try I don't mind hanging around to watch.

I will be starting at the parking area located on the north west side of the beeline highway 87 and Bush highway intersection which is located about 5 miles past the fort mcdowell casino. Meet up time will be 1000hrs, I'm lazy and don't feel like waking up at the butt Crack of dawn. SP time will be 1030hrs.

This is more of an exploration so if all goes well we will come out the other end located farther north on the beeline highway 87.

Not many rules but one is Respect (those around you and the land), so that means take out what you take in.

I will be back with more info, I'm out of town at the moment but will be back on the 31st.
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