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I am looking at the feasibility of a stick swap in my Tacoma. Possibly SAS with a FJ80 front axle. So RH tcase (T100) to go with the axle.

The T100's were made for 6-8 years or so before/after the 5VZ entry. I know the R150's with the 5VZ have a longer input shaft. So that's probably the one I ought to get, or get the 3.0 bellhousing to go with it and I can use a 3VZ R150. But I need to retain my vehicle speed sensor (VSS). There-in lies one question. Is there a port on non-VSS pre-95 T100 tcases (from the 3.0) to accept a VSS? I am trying to find if I need to get a later 5VZ case or if any T100 case is an option.

Also, are all T100 tcases compatible with each other, the 5VZ and 3VZ's? Or was there some output shaft or bolt pattern change... like the R150 input shaft getting longer with the entry of the 5VZ.

Thanks guys.
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