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Tacoma backup lights suck! Gonna try these

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Found these in my Cabelas catalog today after a friend of mine installed them on his truck. They are great! My wife is heading to Florida for about 10 days the first of the month so it will be a good time for me to pull out hte credit card :D Mike PS Check these out, click on the small pic and you will get a big picture. Cheap too! $29.99 including brackets and wireing. Can be wired to work with your reverse or to a seperate switch.
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shovelracer said:
There are 55w bulbs available too. That will work very well also.
They dont work on 01' up Tacomas. :)
Mike-in-WV said:
Yes they do! :D
My bad, I didn't know there where some available for the 01' up tacos. Where doyou get them? :confused:
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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