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tacoma parts,and topper

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going in trash soon!
would like to sell or trade for spare rear axle,or driveshaft parts
all off of 99 taco non trd w/manual hubs
i have:
a stock front diff 4.10 gears $75 no hubs or cv's

aarms $30
rear drum brake parts no backing plates,3x drums and insides in good shape $50
rear brake hard lines $20 runs across top of rear axle
lower front valance with stock lights $40
both stock skid plates $50 set up for diff drop
may have some other stuff i can't remember,let me know if you are looking for something and i'll see if i have it
make me an offer i can't refuse and it's yours!:D
parts in aspen,co
i also have a glasstite raven topper with all extras including 2 dome lights,carpeted interior,flip down front window,and flip up side windows,this fits an xtra cab taco and was originally$1400,will take $750 with thule rack with accessories,bike rack,canoe rack,quick tie downs,$650 with out the rack,it can be painted for a couple hundy to match,i have pics if you email me
[email protected] :eek:
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Are you selling your factory rims too?

I'm in Breckenridge. Thanks.
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