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Tacoma TRD question

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Hello. A local dealer has a clean '01 extracab TRD 4X4 I have my eye on. Not one to settle for stock, I've been browing the net / this forum for a week or so to see what's out there. Suspension, wheels, and tires are common mods, but are mostly on TRD Off-Road equipped trucks (unless it's just a sticker). If I am likely to make similar mods, is their a reason to go with the TRD truck, or should look for a non-TRD and save a few bucks?

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i thoght the only real difference was the rear diff, trd was larger because it could carry the "trd" electric locking diff.

some more seasoned toyota guru's can correct me, but other than the rear diff size the rest of the "chassis" is the same. trd came with oem bilstein shocks and progressive front springs (i'm not sure about the rear leafs). trd also offered the locker option. non-trd wheels are the same as trd wheels.

i chose to buy a non-trd model and then buy my aftermarket stuff. aftermarket lends way to more choices and a better performing suspension.

you can buy a trd and it will have a better suspension than non-trd, or buy non-trd and equip with suspension that's even better than trd model.

i dont remember what i paid for my HD Bilsteins, somewhere around $400 for the set. OME 881's were $150, and Downey AAL was $102 (these include shipping). add a $400 PowerTrax no-slip diff, about $700 for my setup (i dont have no-slip yet) which is alot better than what you get with the oem "trd".

if you find the same truck in non-trd form for $700+ less than what the trd is selling for, get the non-trd model.

also note: many members do their own work/installations. so if you're not handy with this stuff it will cost you a few hundred more for a mechanic to install (beer if a friend will install for you).
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synovus said:
Nope. The TRD diff is smaller (8") than the non-trd diff (8.4").
i thought mine was 7.5" diff, i'll have to verify.
GOT COPE? said:
...BTW the TRD package inc. Progressive front coils, Bilsteins on all 4 corners, alloy wheels, larger tires, the e-locker, and of course the bedside stickers. I think thats it, the rear springs may be exclusive, im not sure.
my '02 SR5 came with all of that (except locker, springs, bilsteins, and stickers). as the other member posted he paid extra $1k for TRD. i got alot better stuff than the oem trd stuff for alot less than $1k.
synovus said:
LOL! So the "all of that" that your truck came with was alloy wheels and 31's. :rolleyes:

What's this better locker and suspension setup you got for a lot less than $1K?
right here for about $400
,(i dont have locker yet, powertrax no-slip soon for about $400). add the AAL i have ($102) totals $502, less the diff what i have is alot better than oem trd. so about that $1k cost (when i get the no-slip) i will have alot better performing suspension and rear diff.

doesn't the trd locker auto-disengage over 5mph??
valkyrie said:
Out of curiosity- why do you feel that an add-a-leaf result in a better performing suspension? And how is a lock-rite superior to the e-locker?
comparing to oem trd, right? my AAL gives me some more load capability while giving the lift i need.

i did not say "lock-rite" or "superior". the PowerTrax No-Slip (not "lock-rite") is a awesome diff with no air or wires needed or to worry about, and for that i think it's better than the oem trd diff setup (i thought trd locker auto-disengages over 5mph?). the features of the "no-slip" diff are unique.

now, for my argument, i just think one could buy aftermarket stuff for $1k that would perform alot better than oem trd stuff, but i may be wrong.....
Ted said:
are you sure? i'll dig up the info.
synovus said:
You're gonna be over $1k when all is said and done, especially since you didn't mention rear shocks or installation charges on the no-slip. The suspension may be better (if you can consider an AAL better), but you'd be hard-pressed to convince most people that the powertrax is better than the e-locker.

The e-locker can be modified, essentially for free, to stay engaged at any speed, and whether in 2WD or 4WD. It's called the grey wire mod.
ooops my mistake, that $700 i said included all 4 shocks, i got the whole set for $400. and i did note that the savings does include the need for self-installation or beer for a friend.

cvajs said:
also note: many members do their own work/installations. so if you're not handy with this stuff it will cost you a few hundred more for a mechanic to install (beer if a friend will install for you).

add "no-slip" for about $400.

i don't hear many saying they have the "no-slip" diff so maybe folks are partial to e-locker because more of them are out there....?

ok, maybe you'll be a tad over $1k, but you'll have better stuff, no ??
GOT COPE? said:
what makes you say the no-slip is awesome? i mean where'd you form your opinion (or fact) from?
the TRD locker has a pretty good rep, except for the very occasional electric motor prob.
from a few folks on other sites that gave a write-up, and one member post i saw on TTORA forum. the "no-slip" can act like a LSD and full-locker without the need for 12v or air, i think that's a notch on oem trd e-locker.

synovus said:
While you're digging up the info, I'll go ahead and say again... Grey Wire Mod
looks like "work"... but that article does not address what i thought to be the case that the e-locker auto-disengaged over 5mph... that's the info i'm digin' up.
Oppositeboy said:
So back to you having a better setup for less than an oem TRD setup... I call :bs:
are you saying the OME's and HD Bilsteins i have are no better than oem trd stuff. there are numerous posts in the forum about OME and HD Bilstein shocks being better than the skinny trd bilsteins and progressive rate trd springs.

the PowerTrax No-Slip is a locker.

oh and btw, i love the criticism, helps me make better choices.... thanks.
DesertTRD said:
yea now if only you would make those better choices before posting crap posts.

um, well, i can't buy a TRD, i already have a truck, so getting OME 881's, the AAL, HD Bilsteins, and soon PowerTrax No-Slip seems like very good choices for the price, no ??

is the consensus that it's better to get the trd (if it has e-locker) rather than save the $1k (or more) and buy aftermarket parts??? am i not doing better with what i have ??
Oppositeboy said:
Interesting. I thought they made a LSD and Lock-Right. Looks like a Lock-Right. I guess it would be a Gen II Lock-Right since Torq Masters came out with the Aussie Locker (a silent version of the Lock-Right). Looks and sounds like it anyways. Nice marketing ploy. Good luck with that, but I would prefer the selectability of the e-locker or ARB.
This diff has been around for quite some time (Richmond Gear).

"The No-Slip system installs in the existing differential case with no special tools or setup required. The No-Slip Traction System is much stronger than the Lock-Right. Analysis shows that even the smallest model can transfer over 5,000 ft. lb. of torque without failure. What really sets the No-Slip apart from all other locking differentials is its smooth and virtually silent operation. Most drivers are unaware of their No-Slip until they need the extreme traction it provides."

what i have and what "you" have was/is not what i was arguing. part of the argument was whether which would be better to do, buy a trd model, or get non-trd model and buy aftermarket stuff. i thought with the $$$ saved from getting non-trd model one could buy aftermarket stuff with that $$$ and at the end have a better truck than trd model.
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DCabTaco said:
Once again better based on the facts you didn't have straight. In knowing what you know now you can put a price on the selectability option and decide what is(would have been) "better" for you.
so you're basing the "value" of the my argument on the e-locker offered on trd model?
DCabTaco said:
No you based your opinion of your set up as "better" over TRD package on the lack of being able to go over 5 mph. (putting money aside)

I based my opinion of better on selectability with a simple wire mod over non selectability and more "work". (putting money aside)
i did, but i included the suspension parts too, arguing that overall one could have a better truck if they bought non-trd and got aftermarket parts. i said use the no-slip diff so to stay within the $$$ saved from not getting trd model, but as you guys have posted a million time, i know the no-slip has no magic button. even without no button, it's my opinion that one would have a better truck than what the trd model had to offer.

you keep saying "for what i use it for". the argument is exactly for the same application, not different applications. so whether it's for me, or "Joe" or "Mary" (we each have our own application), i'm saying me "Joe" or "Mary", at the end of the day, would have a better truck than the trd model.

and ok, no more arguing.... cheers
synovus said:
What the hell.... I'm a glutton for punishment and going around in circles.

You argue that simply because you have OME coils (used ones, at that), HD Bilsteins (all the way around), AAL's, and a no-slip that you have a universally "better" truck. You're wrong.
new OME 881's, not used.....
camaddy said:
Also, you never mention what type of shocks you bought at these bargain basement prices...are they better than the TRD Bilsteins? Maybe,...
not maybe, they are alot better than those skinny trd ones!.
bil F4-B46-2284-H0, i'll need to check the rear #'s.
synovus said:
Still waiting for your response to my questions in post #49...
i never said it was "universally" better. what i said was, with the $$$ you save from not getting the trd one could buy aftermarket stuff to fit their "needs" "application" (whatever you want to call it), and after buying those aftermarket parts the truck would be better than the trd model.

so, let me make a SIMPLE example. Joe wants a tacoma for running baja dunes really fast. he has the option to buy the trd model, or the non-trd model. if he buys the non-trd model with the money he saved Joe can go buy what he wants in aftermarket parts to run his dunes. Joe wont be able to buy exactly what's best for running dunes fast (too expensive, he only has what he saved from not buying trd model), but what he does buy will make the truck better than what the trd model had to offer for HIS APPLICATION.

do you get what i'm saying ???
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BlingTaco said:
ok, this was my entertainment for the evening ;) tooo funny. isn't a limited slip so much better than a fully locking arb or Detroit?..........ha ha ha ha ah times indeed....
i thought so too, then i found something "better" ;)
valkyrie said:

It's a lock-rite advertisement. That has nothing do do with anything you've said, unless a lockrite is what you thought was a 'limited slip".
oi vei, the ad shows the ill effects of a LSD, etc. yeah i know, everyone here knows the issues with LSD, open diff, lockers, etc..... i did not know everyone here was a offroad pro... except me :)

i referenced "no-slip", which is different than "lock-rite". here's a snip from another member on the "no-slip" he runs:

"Whether your wheel slips or not, if the gas pedal is pushed anymore than say(w/ the tundra's 315lbtq)1/8, the locker engages." it sounds to me like the "no-slip" can act like open diff until enough torq is applied to lock it's internals.... but then again... i may be mistaken.
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