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Tacoma TRD question

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Hello. A local dealer has a clean '01 extracab TRD 4X4 I have my eye on. Not one to settle for stock, I've been browing the net / this forum for a week or so to see what's out there. Suspension, wheels, and tires are common mods, but are mostly on TRD Off-Road equipped trucks (unless it's just a sticker). If I am likely to make similar mods, is their a reason to go with the TRD truck, or should look for a non-TRD and save a few bucks?

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cvajs said:
right here for about $400
,(i dont have locker yet, powertrax no-slip soon for about $400). add the AAL i have ($102) totals $502, less the diff what i have is alot better than oem trd. so about that $1k cost (when i get the no-slip) i will have alot better performing suspension and rear diff.

doesn't the trd locker auto-disengage over 5mph??
Out of curiosity- why do you feel that an add-a-leaf result in a better performing suspension? And how is a lock-rite superior to the e-locker?
some more seasoned toyota guru's can correct me
That's what is happening... "and ok, no more arguing...."

It's a lock-rite advertisement. That has nothing do do with anything you've said, unless a lockrite is what you thought was a 'limited slip".
1 - 3 of 68 Posts
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