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Tacoma V-6 TRD gear suppliers?

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I filled up my first tank of fuel after going to 255/85-16. It was pretty much all city driving, but 11 miles to the gallon!! :eek:

I think I'll be getting new gears for sure, not to mention that it's lost a lot of get up and go. I figure 4.56 will put me back at stock, and provide good highway performance, although I wonder if 4.88 would give better economy/performance for city driving? I figure it is a trade off, but I usually don't worry about mileage until I am going on a road trip or I drop below 15 mpg so I will probably go with 4.56.

I don't know who has gears for the Tacoma, and if there are special precautions because of the factory e-locker with gears and install kits. When I checked out superior gear they mentioned that you can use a 8 inch Toyota ring gear(of the ring gear in the Tacoma Kit), but that their bearing kit would not work for a OE locker.

Any ideas? I am going to start calling around for prices, but want to know what to look out for before I do.

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My yukon kit has a pinion nut but no "oil retainer" they are only in locked ones anyway cux the guy they did mine had never seen the retainer except in locked ones.

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