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I purchased some used Cornfed 3" spacers from Tacoma2 for $90 shipped in this thread:

He said he was trying to sell them for a buddy and gave me this address to send the money order to:

Lindsay XXXX
Stow, OH 44224

I sent out a USPS money order for $90 on Feb. 15th, 2005, 1 month ago (I have the receipt).

He claims to have received the money order on Feb. 25th, 2005, 10 days later (not completely unbelieveable).

He really lagged on shipping them out and he finally claims to have shipped them on March 5th , 2005: "Hey bud, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I had to take a last minute trip to Chicago for training. The spacers Are going out today. I will send you an email with the tracking number once they are on there way."

That is the last message I have received from him and I have sent hime 3-5 more PM's since that date with no response.

Tacoma2 has no email address that I can use to contact him, only PM's through TTORA.

It is ridiculous that it is 1 month later and still no spacers. If I do not hear from him by the end of this week, I will seek to file a complaint with the local postal inspector for mail fraud.

I hate to do this in a public forum, but when someone leaves a buyer hanging like this with no contact, it is to be expected. I recommend that no one ever buy anything from Tacoma2.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. I have all PM's and dialogue recorded as evidence.
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hartzpad said:
Another Update. He was supposed to ship them out on Saturday March 19th and send me the tracking number but I have not heard from him. I'm hoping that he has sent them out. I have not heard from him since Friday. I will keep this post up to date.
Any update?

hartzpad said:
Still have not heard from him since Friday March 18th when he said that he would ship them out the 19th. A very nice member of the forums has offered to go by and get them from Tacoma2 and ship them to me (I would insist on paying shipping of course) because he is local to Stow, OH. I'm waiting until next week before doing anything, but I'm quickly losing my patience.
Man you have WAY more patience than I. I would have filed a mail fraud complaint two weeks ago. If someone accepts money they need to ship it. Bottom Line. Letting somone get away with crap like this is only going to lead to someone else getting screwed.

Sorry to hear about all this.

Boheefus said:
Guys, this is one of the problems inherent with buying things on the internet. You can be anyone, anywhere, and say anything you want without fear of consequences. Good luck getting your merchandise and ask around about a guy before you buy from him in the future....I know, I know, hindsight is 20/20. I have been burned before as well......


Thanks for stating the obvious. Thats always helps.

little_joe said:
This is interesting! I will drive down Elmhurst again Saturday but there was no house number 4376, and the Summit County Auditor agrees (no such property). But I'll check again, perhaps it was my Easter fog playing tricks on me.

Conveniently there is a Hyundai dealership a few minutes away from Stow, I can stop by there, that Taco should be pretty obvious.

Let's be clear: Bobby who facilitated the sale is not the fellow who got the money or had the spacers. I don't *think* he should be the object of everyone's scorn. Lindsay is the one who had the spacers. Chris, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Why is everyone saying chuck this up to experience? This low life needs to be screwed to the wall. I would start calling the Haundi dealers. Also AOL should have a credit card number for this guy, i dont think you can start an AOL account with out one. If you cant get the feds can. If he really scammed you then he probably scamed somone else. I have sold and bought a TON of stuff online and never had a problem. If you make it easy for people like this there will be more of them.

Let me know what I can do to help.

BigBadBob0 said:
You can't just call up AOL and say "Member X" screwed me, give me his information.

Furthermore, you can't just call up the Feds and demand that they call AOL and research this. Despite your idealistic views here the Feds have much more interesting things to work on. A $90 claim isn't going to get you anywhere without a retarded judge and an awesome lawyer.

Sheeeit, you need to watch more TV so you know how "the law" works. :)
Fuck off. If you dont have anything relevet to say then shut the hell up.


Mike said:
I think I have to side with Bob on this one. You have expended way more than 90 bucks in effort just posting about your situation here.

Sure, the guy who is stringing you along should have his ass kicked. Maybe you can convince someone local to him to go do it for ya.

Were not just talking about 90 bucks here. We know that he is stringing at least one other person along. Theres some more dough. Plus what about the people we dont know about? File a complaint and let the people who keep track of this stuff take care of it. You may be right that its just a couple of bucks and no one will ever do anything about it. Or it may be the case that this guy has stolen a bunch of money and now his time is up.

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