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I purchased some used Cornfed 3" spacers from Tacoma2 for $90 shipped in this thread:

He said he was trying to sell them for a buddy and gave me this address to send the money order to:

Lindsay XXXX
Stow, OH 44224

I sent out a USPS money order for $90 on Feb. 15th, 2005, 1 month ago (I have the receipt).

He claims to have received the money order on Feb. 25th, 2005, 10 days later (not completely unbelieveable).

He really lagged on shipping them out and he finally claims to have shipped them on March 5th , 2005: "Hey bud, sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I had to take a last minute trip to Chicago for training. The spacers Are going out today. I will send you an email with the tracking number once they are on there way."

That is the last message I have received from him and I have sent hime 3-5 more PM's since that date with no response.

Tacoma2 has no email address that I can use to contact him, only PM's through TTORA.

It is ridiculous that it is 1 month later and still no spacers. If I do not hear from him by the end of this week, I will seek to file a complaint with the local postal inspector for mail fraud.

I hate to do this in a public forum, but when someone leaves a buyer hanging like this with no contact, it is to be expected. I recommend that no one ever buy anything from Tacoma2.

Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated. I have all PM's and dialogue recorded as evidence.
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His E-mail is [email protected]

Try to contact him directly.

If that work, let me know, and I can take it one step further.
Keep the BS out of this thread.

Hartzpad and Hornito

E-mail him directly with the e-mail I provided and see what happens. That is the address he registered with.

Unfortunately, His IP address is an AOL account so that is pretty much useless in tracking someone unless some strings are pulled.

If that doesn't work to resolve the issue to some degree, post up his address and it may be possible to have a fellow 4x4'er swing by his address and see what the deal is.

You should have some possible recourse through USPS, and if you paid for the money order with a credit card, you could dispute the money order charge as well.
His last visit to the board was on March 5th.
It could haven ended up least he responded.

Late spacers are better than no spacers.
Here's what I know.

4376 Elmhurst Drive is an actual address.

The full address I have is 4376 Elmhurst Drive, Stow Oh, 44224-2761.

The only name associated with the address I can locate is John Boyle.

This may not be your guy since a) he seems to go by Rob/Bobby, and B) I found another address for him which shows he has been there since 2003.

E-mail address is [email protected]

IP is

I can work it some more later today and get you more info, but I have some work I need to do first.
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TOR is
I contacted the admin of TOR.

No such luck, not a registered member.

File a claim via USPS, and chalk it up as an expensive lesson in experience.

You may be able to dispute the Money Order is paid by credit card.
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