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tell me this is a joke

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some guy posted this in a colorado forum. tell me this is a joke so that i can shut him up

red, black and white factory paint from Toyota usually aren't clear coated...thats why those colors usually look so faded and oxidized on older Toyotas.
clear coat wasn't that common for finishing factory paint back in '95 either!

hes telling me that even white on a 99 taco isn't clearcoated at all........
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He's welcome to come look at the back of the cab on my white 99 Taco where the clear coat is chipping off. And the hood of my red 95.5 taco that has clear coat peeling in the center.

bluetaco said:
again it was '95 and earlier toyotas....of the specified colors!
The half year models are usually going to see the conditions of the following years so I include them as '96

Why is just the clear coat peeling off your trucks?
usually if one layer of paint is coming off the others will come with it?

the paint from the factory is thinner than a finger nail...if the clear coat was painted on thick enough to chip with out taking the other layers you probably would have seen spider web like cracking like is happening to the paint on my topper before it had a chance to peel!
if you look at the dupli color site I posted earlier in the thread you can see the instructions for finding your paint codes...I would be interested in checking them to see if what you are experiencing is a common problem!
The 95.5 had a light engine fire at one time and I suspect that as the reason for the peeling. The 99 I couldnt tell ya, I've owned since new and ritually waxed it, no body damage or paint repair in that area. Noticed last summer during waxing I had a small patch peeling, hasnt gotten any worse. I put edge sealer over it to protect the paint and stop any further peeling.

95.5 is 3ES55 Super Red II
99 is 40 Super White II
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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