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tell me this is a joke

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some guy posted this in a colorado forum. tell me this is a joke so that i can shut him up

red, black and white factory paint from Toyota usually aren't clear coated...thats why those colors usually look so faded and oxidized on older Toyotas.
clear coat wasn't that common for finishing factory paint back in '95 either!

hes telling me that even white on a 99 taco isn't clearcoated at all........
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I'm convinced my '00 red Tacoma doesn't have a clearcoat. It has faded horribly during the time I'v owned it and I used to wash and wax regularly until the fading was getting so bad it's not worth the time and effort. What makes it even worse is one bed side was repainted after a small accident and the color in that side is holding up very well while the rest of the truck looks horrible.
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