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I have my first axle from my truck that has been picked apart for this and that of the internal gear stuff. If sold I can use these parts that the buyer would pick:

New Brake Drums
Wearever, yh140517 - $48.88 (x2)
Beck/Arnley, 0832164 - $112.88 (x2)
Raybestos, 9328 - $94.99 (x2)​

New Brake Shoes
Wearever Silver, nb589 - $13.88 (x2)
Bendix, 505 - $26.96 (x2)
Benidx, 589 - $51.88 (x2)
Beck/Arnley, 0812644 - $22.88 (x2)
Raybestos, 589pg - $19.99 (x2)
Raybestos, 589rp - $18.99 (x2)​

New Brake Hardware (springs and stuff)
Raybestos, h17343 - $25.99 (x2)​

New Wheel Cylinder (makes brakes work)
Beck/Arnley, 0728393 - $26.48 (x2)​

New Inner and Outer Seals
Timken, 1960 and 1956S - $20.14​

New Rear Wheel Bearings
Tinken, RW130r - $49.99 (x2)​

This will come partly assembled to save some space and keep shipping down. The brakes will all be assembled, the bearings will be pressed on, the seals will be installed in the housing and in the brake backing plate. The axle shafts will be installed into the the brake backing plates, but will not be bolted to the housing, nor will the emtpy third member. All the parts will be cleaned up, and the housing, the third member, and the back of the backing plates will be primered, then painted semi-gloss black.

The price will be however much your selection of parts is plus 200 bucks which INCLUDES shipping. You'll know how much to pay right away no matter where you live just by adding up the options.

REMEMBER, this is not going to work right away and needs the following:
*Ring and Pinion gear set
*MASTER install kit (all bearings, seals, etc for the third member)
*Carrier and spider gears, or lunchbox locker, or carrier replacement type locker or limited slip​

Everything else will be put to together and ready to go, and new!

I am trying to get through this month that I can't work because of classes I am taking for the railroad - so this'll help put some food on my table. No matter when the sale is finalized, if it happens, I'll order the parts on the closest Wednesday, and have it put together Friday, and sent out on Saturday via UPS using the cheapest shipping possible from UPS store #3169 in Florence KY.
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