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This years Texas TTORA Takeover will be at beautiful Long's Ranch in Llano June 22nd & 23rd!

Event Information:

Joe Long is he owner of the property, and he has been very accommodating to us. Long’s Ranch is about the same size area as Katemcy, around 1800 acres if I recall correctly. The ranch is in SE Llano County, about an hour closer to Austin than Katemcy, and the property borders the Llano River. The riverbed wheeling ban is being strictly enforced and they do write tickets, which start at $560. You can, however, park anywhere along the edge & swim or fish with a valid license.

Like Katemcy, it is real casual, and there are no maps of the trials, although the trails are recognizable. Joe and his trail guides will be available to accommodate both our IFS rigs and the more extreme rigs, groups on the guided runs should be no more than 10.

It is primitive camping like Katemcy, but there are port-a-potties on site.

The closest store is 5 miles away, the closest doctor is 12 miles away (Llano hospital w/24HR E.R.).

Cost for the event is only $50 for a driver, and $20 per non-driver over 10 years old. Children under 10 may have a free plate.

Driver's Event Fee gets you: wheeling, camping, t-shirt, ticket to the driver's raffle and the BBQ
Passenger's/non-driver's Event Fee gets you: camping and the BBQ


1. In accordance with local law and TTORA policy, there will be absolutely no open containers on the trail, nor will anyone be permitted to operate any vehicle on the ranch if they are under the influence. This zero-tolerance policy includes both drivers and passengers.

2. No pets are permitted to be brought on the property.

3. No wheeling in the riverbed. Note: According to Texas law, the presence of water is not a determining factor in defining a riverbed. This will be explained further at the driver's meeting.

4. Minimum of three rigs per group at all times.
Our Sponsors:

A lot of work has been done over the past month to make this the best Takeover yet! I am especially excited because this will be the first time we've all gotten together in the Hill Country since the 2004 Takeover! Sponsorships are working out and we’re collecting some great prizes for the raffle!

This year we are proud to announce that the Primary Sponsor of the Takeover will be Champion Toyota &! As Primary Sponsor, Champion has generously provided us with T-shirts for the event, as well a brand new Toyota 8" e-locker axle for our Raffle Grand Prize!

Our Co-sponsors are:
• Toyota of Dallas, who is donating a winch to the raffle!
• ARB USA, who is donating a $500 gift certificate for a special, "Driver's Only" Raffle!
• Demello Off Road, who is donating a set of sliders!
• BudBuilt, who is donating a $300 in gift certificates!

As of right now, our friend TR Burrus of ARB USA is planning to be in attendance, and I promise you there will be more to come! :D

We can begin arriving Thursday afternoon; there is no wheeling on Thursday, no wheeling on Sunday.

Thursday, June 21st

The Ranch opens for check in and camp set-up at 5:00PM (Sunset is at 9:00PM)

Friday, June 22nd

There will be a mandatory driver's meeting and safety inspection at 8:00AM. At 9:00 we will gather for a group picture to be used for both thanking the Sponsors and (hopefully) for the 4WDTO magazine. The trail runs will begin afterwards. Free ranging is permitted, but discouraged. Those who wish to "free range" are more than welcome to do so, the only rule is please keep a minimum group of three rigs, for safety's sake please.

At 8:30PM, we’ll meet up for the night run, which will start no later than 9:00PM. This will be a relaxing ride around the ranch under the stars.

Saturday, June 23rd

There will be a mandatory driver's meeting and safety inspection (for those who missed it on Friday) at 8:00AM. At 9:00 the organized, 'guided' runs will begin. Those who wish to "free range" are more than welcome to do so, the only rule is please keep a minimum group of three rigs, for safety's sake please.

At 7:00PM, we'll meet back up for a bodacious Hill-Country BBQ dinner, some awards & honorable mentions and of course, the raffle.

Night wheeling is permitted on your own Saturday night.

Sunday, June 24th

No wheeling, time to go home.

Bring plenty of film, this is shaping up to be the best Takeover ever!

*Any proceeds (if any) of the event fee and the raffle will pay any incidentals (stickers, paper, tickets, etc.) and then the balance will be presented to TMTC for use in acquiring, developing and maintaining OHV parks for us in Texas.

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Registration Information

In order for this to be as successful and fun as it can be, we are asking for preregistration. This will enable us to better solicit sponsorships and prizes as well as plan for the event and the meal. As a bonus, everyone who preregisters will recieve an event shirt upon arrival for free, as well as head of the line priveleges at chow! :D

Please copy everything below, add the requested personal & trail information and email it to me at [email protected]

Please use this format!

Please provide the following personal information:

• Name
• Forum Name
• Shirt size
• Day & Time arriving at Long's Ranch
• Day & Time leaving Long's Ranch
• Camp or hotel
• # of passengers
• # of open seats

Please provide the following trail information:

• Vehicle:
• Year:
• Model:
• 4x4?
• Sliders?
• Modified Front Bumper?
• Modified Rear Bumper?
• Winch?
• Inches of suspension lift?
• Locker Rear?
• Locker Front?
• Tire size?
• Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Expert
• Trail willingness: Easy, Moderate, Hard


Pre-registration ends at midnight on June 14th.
If you do not pre-register, you will not get a shirt, a BBQ dinner, a t-shirt and your admittance at the gate cannot be guaranteed.

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Trail Ratings

Here is how we will break down the vehicles:

1. Easy will be good for 4x4's and pre-runners up to 31" tires open/open.
2. Moderate will be 31's to 35's locked in the rear- must accept risk of damage.
3. Hard requires experience and 35's locked in the rear, locked in the front is highly recommended- must expect damage.

We will utilize colored stickers at check in to be displayed on the windshield (green=light, yellow=moderate, red=difficult) and colored light sticks on antennas at night.
The Trails at Long's Ranch are not "Rated", but I will make comparisons for you with traditional Trail Markings / Ratings:

Note: All trail ratings are done to the highest common denominator. For example a trail that is consistently a 2 Diamond but has a 4 Diamond ledge or climb at the end will be rate a 4 Diamond trail.

1 Diamond (May need a note on some regarding WIDE/Narrow or Full-Size)
o Technical Recommendations: 4-wheel drive only needed occasionally. Relaxing ride with few tough spots.
o Description: Any 4-wheel drive Sport Utility or Pickup with a low range and reasonable ground clearance can do these trails. Obstacles may include some deep sand, shallow water crossings, small to medium rocks, mud, and semi-steep hills and descents.

2 Diamond (May need a note on some regarding WIDE/Narrow or Full-Size)
o Technical Recommendations: 4-wheel drive needed a lot. Stock vehicles and tires OK.
o Description: An SUV or 4-wheel drive with larger (than) stock tires, possibly a limited slip, and a transfer case ratio of 2.5 or above fares better here. Some SUV's will be seriously challenged. 50/50 locked transfer case recommended.

3 Diamond (May need a note on some regarding WIDE/Narrow or Full-Size)
o Technical Recommendations: Large, aggressive tires needed. Rear locker recommended.
o Description: Rigs with solid front axles, limited slips, sway bar disconnects, and aggressive tires recommended. Driving skill & intuition really starts to matter a great deal at this level.

4 Diamond
o Technical Recommendations: Rear locker needed. Front locker / limited slip recommended. Winch recommended. High challenge!
o Description: Aggressive tires of at least 31" needed (33 or larger recommended), a rear locker, winch recommended. Your experience should include: steep hill-climbing, traversing ledges and steps, crossing mud holes, winching, log crossings, driving through deep water, large rocks, etc. Good spotters and trail guides can help you get through. Spare parts, tools, and recovery equipment are needed here. Run these trails with club members and experienced folks. Damage and broken parts can definitely happen here.

5 Diamond (Usually reserved for specific obstacles)
o Technical Recommendations: Front and rear lockers, winch and driving experience needed / recommended.
o Description: Nobody should be on these trails without 33"+ tires, locker front and rear, a winch, lots of experience, and a total disregard for the mechanical or cosmetic condition of their vehicle.

Obviously, there are a lot of factors, and trails rarely fall into a single category. Just let your trail leader know what you and your rig are capable of, be up front with your risk tolerance, and get with a group you won't be holding back.

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Here is what you might find in a Tacoma trail repair kit:

• 1 CV axle
• 1 CV axle ‘c’ clip
• 1 u-joint
• 1 power steering return line
• 1 upper ball joint
• 1 lower ball joint
• 1 power steering belt
• 1 alternator belt
• 1 upper radiator hose
• 1 lower radiator hose
• 2 front brake hoses/banjo bolts
• 1 rear brake hose
• 1 set of ignition wires
• 2 front wheel studs
• 2 rear wheel studs
• 4 lug nuts
• Spill clean-up mats

Add appropriate fluids, tools, recovery gear & a first aid kit and you are ready to go!

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The Safety Checklist

These are not required by TTORA, nor are they required for Takeover. This is simply a list of what TLCA sets as the minimum requirements for members. It is a good guide for preparing yourself for the trail and everyone is strongly encouraged to prepare for a safe trail ride. This is the checklist the safety inspectors will be using.

• Roll bar or Cage for all vehicles with removed tops (Landcruisers and 4runners). Roll bar or Cage recommended for trucks with permanent hard tops.
• Seat belts for all persons (must be used). Child Safety Seats must be used as required by law.
• First Aid kit.
• Fire extinguisher.
• Shovel.
• Tow rope, cable (when used with a winch) or strap.
• C.B. radio (antenna cannot be longer than 48"). Whip antennas must be secured.
• Jack compatible with vehicle, lug wrench, and spare tire (usable, within one inch of vehicle tire height).
• Flashlight (working).
• One extraction point at both the front & rear of the vehicle.
• Tire gauge
• Serviced braking system with lights
• Parking brake (may substitute a line lock or other similar device)

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In addition, here is an extensive list of things better suited to a lengthy expedition. There is more here than you’d probably need for a weekend, but it’s just meant to spur some thought…

(If you are truly going out to the hinterlands :) )

• 60" Hi-lift
• 5 gal. gas minimum (10 optimal)
• (2) 5 gal water cans (you can treat one water can w/ iodine tablets, grapefruit seed extract or chlorine and let it sit while drinking off the other)
• Shovel
• 6 foot digging bar( makes a great lever)
• Big crowbar( ditto)
• Octane boost
• On-board air
• Propane for seating a tire bead
• tire plug kit (hole repair & sidewall repair)
• extra deep cycle battery (charged) & jumper cables
• Air filter, fuel filter,
• full socket wrench set and other assorted tools (any tool required to change any parts you bring)
• Extra socks(or suitable item to filter locally purchased fuel)
• Anti freeze and water for the truck (in addition to drinking water)
• extra oil
• misc. nuts, bolts screws and washers
• bailing wire
• duct tape
• epoxy glue
• JB weld (on board welder is better)
• extra fuses
• OBD II code reader (in case the CE light comes on, you will know if it is serious or minor)

Much of this is may seem like overkill for a weekend trip, but I just thought I'd post a list in case anyone was interested in an expedition-type of list considering how far from home many of us will be.

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A few guidlines & trial manners/safety items

• All Adults must sign a waiver and rules sheet
• All Minors must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian and must be accompained by an adult
• Factory hardtop or rollcage / rollbar and seatbelts are required for all occupants in OHVs / 4x4 or Trail Buggies
• No consumption of alcohol on the trail- Alcohol is expressly forbidden on all trails
• No glass containers allowed outside of camping areas
• 15 MPH Speed Limit on all roads in or around camp
• No winching to:
o Trees without a tree saver or strap
o Power poles, fences, or pipelines
• Stay on existing marked trails - NO TRAIL BLAZING
• Larger vehicles yield to smaller vehicles at all times
• All trash must be picked up and carried out with you
• Illegal, abusive or destructive activities will not be tolerated
o Members and guests are encouraged to help enforce the rules in order to preserve the trails and park and have a cleaner, safer place for everyone
• Excessive noise / excessive vehicle noise will not be tolerated

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Clean-up kits

Due to our proximity to the Llano River, some guys have already asked me about trail clean-up kits. There are a few vendors out there who have put together 'spill kits'. They usually contain simple stuff like garbage bags, absorbent pads/kitty litter stuff, etc. Here's one example: LINK

I would encourage everyone to prepare responsibly.
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