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Well it's going to feel like a new truck! Actually talking about the ole BearAttack, but with as many changes that I have made it definitely feels like a new truck

The changes made since it was parked (probably still not as many as Marks but still a least I still have my bed on mine! ;) :D )
1) remote controller for winch
2) brand need custom aluminum 20 gallon fuel cell
3) new wires
4) new spark plugs (will need to change them back to hotter ones for blower)
5) new thermostat (cooler one for supercharger)
6) put on 7 lb supercharger pulley
7) new o2 sensor
8) new catalytic converter
9) new flow master 40 series heavy duty off road muffler ( I really like the new sound)
10) new stereo with custom fiberglass speaker cabinet in back seat
A.3300 watts of amps
B. 15" subwoofer
C. New head unit
11) every sensor under the hood replaced
12) timing belt replaced
13) crank pulley replaced
14) electric fan installed
15) OBA re plumbed with large (50 lb) tank installed
16) looking into either adding to or replacing air compressor with a York compressor
17) new sliders
18) changing interior color scheme & adding new 4runner door panals
19) duel battery system installed
20) new master cylinder
21) additional reservoir added to power steering
22) replaced 6" hydro assist ram with a 8" ram
23) replaced passenger spindle with new one because threads were worn allowing wobble
24) removed a leaf spring out of each side in rear
25) repaintes hood
26) replaced spiral cable ( will have horn, air bag & cruise control back)
27) removed TCM box (may have to return if truck begins to knock due to blower)
28) removed rock lights and may still remove remaining accessory lighting
29) new front 1/2" thick diff cover
30) and the best mod so far-IT RUNS!

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Damit! If it ain't one thing, it's another! Got the truck purring like a "bearcat" and I still can't drive her yet!

I'm guessing, it's due to sitting so long, but now I can't get the brakes to bleed even after Connor bench bled and installed a new master cylinder.

On top of that, I replaced the 6" ram for the ps assist with a 8" ram & added an additional reservoirs along with re plumbing the lines with all steel braided lines. Now. The power steering won't bompletely bleed out!

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Tomorrow, if weather permits, I'll test my calipers since it appears I have pressure to the wheels, just not great pressure & start fabricating the second battery and begin ripping out all the old accessory wiring & mocking up all my oba and locker air lines! I'm borrowing am idea jeep crasher first showed me.

With his jeep buggy, he actually plumbed his air lines with hard brake line and used steel braided line at the flex points. I really liked that method so while everything is being redone, I might as well do mine the same way.

It has many advantages, the lines are stronger & more durable; the air lines are more efficient in both pressure & saving space; and lastly, it looks a lot cleaner
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