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The Snakes, Utah

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Here's a crappy trail report:

I was the lone Tacoma driver on today's trip. I joined my buddy, Tim, in the white Runner, and Tim's buddies in the Bronco II thingy.

We ran The Rattlesnake and The Constrictor trails in central Utah, west of SLC. The Rattlesnake is a 3.5, but with the mud we experienced, I would rate it a 4. The Constrictor is rated a 5 in good conditions, mainly because of the waterfall at the end, which often requires a winch to pass it.

The Rattlesnake is the first trail and the first pictures. The Constrictor begins with the off-camber rock wall, here:

Here are the pictures:

Click on the "640x480" to get the normal-sized pictures.

IFS Core!

Take care,
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Oh, yeah! A real good time! Except for Tim's friends ditching us while we were working our way down Constrictor.

You guys need to make it down here to run these trails!
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