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The "Two-Low" mod

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Allows the use of low range on the transfer case without engaging the "Automatic Disconnecting Differential" or "ADD" for four-wheel drive.

Applicable to "push button" 4x4 models.

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duby08 said:
There's a light blue plug that comes out of the passenger side of your transfer case. It has two wires, I just interrupted one of them with a switch. I actually went and got a push button shift knob from a scrap yard and used that as my switch.
How and to where did you run the wires? I would like to do this mod. Thanks for your help!
Yeti said:
Sweet, are there two wires there(blue plug)? I wonder what they both do or if its just like one hot one goes into the t-case switch and the other comes back out to signal the ADD, you think thats how it works?
I don't know for sure, but that's what I'm thinking... Hopefully someone will chime in and clear this up.
not2XS said:
you just put in a manual switch from one to the other in place of having the t-case do it,...
not2XS said:
...or if you want to get more fancy you make your switch open the connection even if the t-case closes it.
How so on the latter? I guess I don't really understand. What would be the advantage of one setup over the other?
JaresTaco said:
Not a problem man but if ya find anything out for the non-push button T-Case's let me know, I would love to have the 2-Lo option for when I get a front locker.
Thanks in advance,
There's some info here about the 2-lo mod for the manual transfer case guys:
1 - 4 of 107 Posts
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