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The "Two-Low" mod

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Allows the use of low range on the transfer case without engaging the "Automatic Disconnecting Differential" or "ADD" for four-wheel drive.

Applicable to "push button" 4x4 models.

Edit: Fixing the broken link
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Has anyone found the write-up for the non-push button transfer cases? I'm not cutting an splicing without knowing someone did it, and it worked. Seems the interupting of one of the plugs with a switch might work, just doesn't seem to be a popular mod with the non-push button guys.
*edit* Nevermind, that was a second option to the grey-wire mod.
not2XS said:
Just to be sure to make it perfectly clear:-
There is a "blue-plug mod" on the driver's side of the transmission as an alternative to the "grey wire mod" for the locker in any range (if you have manual transmission and no ABS).
The one discussed here is an identical blue plug but on the passenger side of the transmission for the 2-lo mod. I have non pushbutton and I have done it successfully.
I know, I posted it thinking it was the mod for the two low on non push button trucks, but it was the paper clip mod which is an alternative for the grey wire mod.

Sent you a message btw.
1 - 3 of 107 Posts
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