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Throw out bearing chirp?

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I searched for it but was unable to find it. I replaced my clutch & throw out bearing about 1000 miles ago, I also had the flywheel resurfaced. The throwout bearing is chriping worse than it did before I replaced it. At the same time, the hydrualic cylinder (slave or master?) that pushes the clutch fork seems to be going bad again. My clutch pedal sticks to the floor. This is the fourth time. I do not know much about it, but are the hydraulics of the cylinder self contained or is there a resevoir? Where is the resevoir located? Why do I have to keep replacing this stupid cylinder?

95.5 V6 4wd Manual 124k mi.

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My throwout bearing makes noise, too, when the clutch is depressed for more than 10 seconds or so. About the only thing you could do is remove the rear main plate and spray some brake cleaner onto the bearing and wipe it off.

As for the clutch master cylinder, there is a reservoir under the hood.
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