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I was running around yesterday and decided to go to my old "proving" grounds by the railroad tracks where there are some hills and such to climb around on. There are some really rutted out gulleys and such that present quite a challenge there too.

I come from -- and still have my '72 FJ40 -- the standard transmission FJ40 Land Cruiser school and my Taco is basically my daily driver/expediton wheeler for the family. Well, until yesterday it was untested...

I went out there, put it in 4x4, locked the rear diff and began to play. Awesome! I love wheelin' automatics!! Effortless. And I didn't even have it in low range for half the time!! I went to a particularly scary rutted out place that I won't take my FJ40 due to it's short wheelbase and my aversion to off-camber situations. I stepped out of the Taco, walked the section, planned my line and went for it!! I put Tico in low range and was AMAZED by just how LOW it really was and how much control I had. Well, I inched my way up and the experience just blew me away. Flexed that OME out big time and never slipped a tire or felt unsure about Tico's capabilities.

Automatics freekin' rock man!! I knew Tacoma's rocked, but now I'm convinced that they rule!! I just can't get over how easy wheelin' is now with an automatic. I need one in my FJ40 :rolleyes: ... maybe :D Naw, that would meean I 'd have to go to a V8, and that ain't happening.

Anyhow, just thought I'd relate my auto wheelin' experience. I gotta do this more often!!

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