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I got this truck back in 2009 with 104k miles on her. Over the years I've done some modifications. I'll keep everything chronological so it makes sense.

Truck Specs:
1999 Toyota Tacoma Access Cab Prerunner SR5 TRD
2.7L Automatic (means no E-Locker :mad:) 4.56 Gears

This is pretty close to when I got her.
Perforated steel grill, Hella 500s, and clear turn signals.

Painted the amber part of the taillights with candy red paint

Mounted my CB in the dash along with a rigged up iPod mount

Built this box for a SoundSplinter RL-P 12" (this sub and box are long gone)

Put in a 4runner map light

Designed and built and iPhone 4 then 5 dock that sits where the airbag switch goes. You can find the file here: and here

Also Upgraded to a Pioneer 80PRS and new CB with front speaker.

Painted my wheels black with Duplicolor wheel paint and added black TRD stickers

My exhaust manifold cracked fairly soon after I got the truck so I decided to replace it with a long tube LCE header.

Installed some VisionX LED pods in my rear bumper for reverse lights

New grill emblem cut on the water jet out of 3/16" steel

New black headlights and corners

Installed some RSX Leather bucket seats and built a center console to house my MMATS Pro Audio 10" sub.

moved the amp to the back wall since it didn't fit under the seat anymore

Replaced all lights except the headlights with LEDs (interior and exterior)

Installed switchback bulbs in the turn signals and wired them to the parking lights. They now are white when the lights are on, but turn amber when the turn signal is used.
Around this time I also upgraded to power mirrors.

Was hit from the side in a parking lot. Luckily I happen to have an extra bumper. The other car was not so lucky. I ended up plastidipping the new bumper which you can see in later pictures.

My stock suspension was pretty shot after 140k miles so I decided to upgrade.
SAW 2.0s and Wheelers 5 Leaf pack

New Red/Clear taillights

The dynomax super turbo muffler that I installed early on destroyed its insides and became a rattle can. I replaced it with a Flowmaster Delta 50.

Moving one of my sculptures from Chattanooga back to Tallahassee
Check the link in my signature for more info about the sculpture

Taking another sculpture, Icarus Wings, to be installed in Tallahassee. Check the link in my signature for more info about the sculpture

Plastidipped the emblems

Got some FJ TRD Trail Team wheels and 255/85/16 Cooper ST Maxx's installed.
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