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Time to replace shocks

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I haven't been around here since I purhcased my 2000 TRD back in 99. This place looks much better these days.

I remember some posts about the standard Bilsteins were better than the TRD/Bilsteins. Well, my truck now has 100K on it and it's time to replace. What shocks do you guys suggest if not the Bilsteins. What about best place to purchase them? Thanks for any info.
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chipshot said:
I just got the same deal off of ebay. Buy It Now for 256 + 20 shipping from the seller motorsportsdirect. Did you get yours from the same seller? What did you pay for installation?
Shocks are a piece of cake!

The front ones come with three 12mm bolts on top, and a 17 or 19mm bolt at the bottom. (so remove wheels, put on jack stands, etc...) Take them to a shop that will swap them out for you. Should only cost $30 bucks.

The rear is two 17mm bolts per shock. Undo the bolts, slide the old shock off, slide the new one one, torque the bolts back down.

When you reinstall everything be sure to use red locktight on all the threads.
And I do suggest you do as much of it yourself, as you can. It is a great learning experience.
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