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timing belts on "distributorless" engines

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when changing timing belts on Taco's with distributorless engines or engines with the coils over the plugs , when you change timing belts or chains , you know how you have to re-set the timing? well , my question is do you have to reset the timing and if so how? or does the ECM do it for you automatically? If you remeber on the old engines with distributors, you simply loosened the distributor and rotated it around to get the right timing. Anyone know or did it?
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lesson learned

3rdidvet said:
Replacing that chain at the stealer ('97 2.7l 4 banger 4x4) cost me about two grand. I had 'em check out a squealing sound I had. Turned out to be the belt tensioner. Told 'em to change the timeing belt (had no idea at the time it was a chain.) When they called me to authorize service, they already had the truck torn apart and told me the cost would be around $3,000.00. My nievity got me stuck, cuz it was too late. They were gonna charge me damn near the same amount just to reassemble the sonomabitch!

You probably won't EVER have to replace the chain, so don't bother if you don't have to!

damn son! that's ridiculous, I'd tell em' to put that shit back together ASAP, and gimme my damn truck back. Lesson learned though, an expensive one at that. Peace, Wes
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