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My name is Tim, but my nickname is Timmy and I have a YouTube channel named Timmy the Toolman. I bought my first Toyota in March of 2013, a 2000 4runner SR5 4x4 with the 3.4 liter v6.

I'm an active member of another popular Toyota forum where I met a dude named Sean. Sean and I became friends after I helped him replace his valve cover gaskets and we videoed the job so we could share it with others. 11 months later and 30+ videos to our name, we have built a fairly respectable YouTube DIY repair/mod channel mostly related to 3rd Gen 4runners. We like what we're doing and we plan on making videos for a long time to come.

I came on this forum to share the DiY videos my buddy Sean and I have made and to share my personal knowledge of auto mechanics.

Here's a link to our YouTube channel of repair/mod videos:

Peace out,
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