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My 2003 tacoma 2wd 2.4L. Just hit 60k miles. Ive had several flats (nails and screws) over the years so I think each tire must have at least one plug. Plugs are fine, no leaks. However, these original tires, which have plenty of tread left, are getting old and have been baked in the Florida sun. Additionally more then once it sat in the driveway with a flat for a few days up to a week, which cant be good for the sidewalls. Sidewalls are all cracked, which i dont think matters, but im not sure.

I drive it 2 to 4 times a month between 10 and 100 miles each time. Often on the highway. No off road driving. Rarely do I carry anything in the bed and i have never towed anything and have no plans to change. Never has more the 200 pounds been in the bed, except for the 3 loads of dirt that i moved 5 miles each. the bed was full, I dont know how much that weighs.

Two questions:

One: should i go ahead and spring for a new set of 5 tires? (for safety reasons)

Two: Looking at truck tires, they are more expensive then car tires. So, looking at car tires I found some inexpensive tires that get good ratings by rating services and by users and this tire is rated at 97s which is the same as my original tires and the same as specified in the owners manual. Now, this tire that Im considering does not come in my size. My size is 205x75r15 97s which equals a circumference of 153.75 The closest I find in the tire im considering 215x70 which is circumference 150.50 which is close enough for me. i dont think 10mm wider should be an issue. Using the original alloy wheels.

Tire im considering Firestone Precision Touring 215/70r15.



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Yes to #1. Cracks in the sidewall means the rubber is deteriorating and increase your chances of a blowout.

While technically #2 is possible, you need to determine the load rating of the tires and design before it can known if they are safe to use on a truck. The answer is likely no, but only somebody knowledgeable about that tire could answer the question. Overall, saving a few dollars to cheap out on passenger car tires .vs truck tires isn't worth it and you'll probably discover the tire shops won't sell you or install the tires if they think it is unsafe as well.
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