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i have 1999 v6 auto ext cab taco with 4.10 gears. i bought the truck used (new to me) with 30" street tires on it. put a lift and 33x10.50 bfg a/t on it, now ive removed lift and looking to get rid of my 33's. i want to get back to close to what i had mpg and power with my 30" tires. i have a few options im considering...

option 1: swap my 33x10.50r15 and stock alloys for a set of 265/75r16 with 01-04 stock alloy.

option 2: swap out my 33x10.50 for 31x10.50

so what im considering is 30" tire was a true 30 inches, the 31's are 30.8,the 265/75 come out to about a 31.6. im wanting it close to what i had before as mentioned. so basically what im wanting to know is how much difference will i notice between a 31x10.50r15 and a 265/75r16 both on alloy rims as far as mpg and power??
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