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Anyone have or know where there is a tire weight chart for off road tires?

I've Googled all I know to Google and have come up with tons of ATV tire weights but not a good truck tire (off road) weight chart for the different manufactures and sizes etc... I figured someone has put together a list.

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Nope, really just got to visit each mfgs site and hope the weight is included on the spec sheet. Frustrating isnt it?

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Like Colin said, I got a list of tires that would suit my needs and just did the research on them. You almost just have to make your own notes.

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On, choose your model of tire and under 'specs' it will give you the weight of every size for that model. Some tires are much heavier than other even in the same class/size, so there isn't a universal chart.

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Thanks for the link and info guys... Interco has weight specs also. Guess my expectations were too high to have all the tires on one cheat sheet. :rolleyes:

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Here is some old data from MC Forum
Yokohama Geolander AT II-------31x10.50R15----------42.50 lbs
Yokohama Geolander MT---------31x10.50R15----------42.92 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX----31x10.50R15----------40.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX----31x11.50R15----------45.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw----31x10.50R15----------42.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw------31x11.50R15----------50.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw------31x11.50R16----------50.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial------------31x9.50R15 (6ply)----45.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-------31x10.50R15 (6ply)----48.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX-----------31x13.50R15 (6ply)---59.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger-----------31x12.50R15 (6ply)---59.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger-----------31x12.50R16 (6ply)---55.00 lbs

Yokohama Geolander AT II------32x11.50R15-----------49.10 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX---32x11.50R15-----------45.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------32x10.50R15 (6ply)-----51.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----32x9.50R15 (6ply)------50.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----9/32-16 (6ply)----------51.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----9/32-16 (10ply)---------52.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----10/32-16 (6ply)---------48.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------32x11.50R15 (6ply)----70.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------32x11.50R16 (6ply)----61.00 lbs

BF Goodrich M/T --------------33x10.50R15------------48.69 lbs
BF Goodrich M/T---------------33x12.50R15------------53.93 lbs
BF Goodrich M/T---------------33x12.50R16.5----------56.45 lbs
Yokohama Geolander AT II------33x12.50R15------------50.90 lbs
Yokohama Geolander MT---------33x12.50R15------------55.12 lbs
Goodyear MT/R-----------------33x12.50R15------------57.20 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX----33x12.50R15------------52.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX----33x12.50R17------------54.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---33x12.50R17------------56.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---33x12.50R15------------54.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----33x13.50R15------------58.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----33x13.50R16------------58.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial----------33x10.50R15 (6ply)-----53.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial----------33x12.50R15 (6ply)-----55.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial----------33x12.50R16.5 (10ply)--62.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------33x12.50R15 (8ply)-----60.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------13/33-16 (8ply)--------62.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------33x12.50R16.5 (8ply)---61.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX----------33x15.50R15 (6ply)-----83.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX----------33x15.50R16.5 (6ply)---68.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33x12.50R16 (6ply)-----52 .00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33x14.00R16 (6ply)-----64.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33X12.50R16.5 (10 ply)--68.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33x14.00R16.5 (6ply)----64.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33x12.50R15 (6ply)------64.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------33x14.00R15 (6ply)------62.00 lbs

BF Goodrich M/T---------------35x12.50R15----------58.08 lbs
BF Goodrich M/T---------------35x12.50R16.5--------59.05 lbs
BF Goodrich M/T---------------35x12.50R17----------66.11 lbs
Yokohama Geolander MT---------35x12.50R15----------60.63 lbs
Goodyear MT/R-----------------35x12.50R15----------61.50 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial MTX----35x12.50R15----------62.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---35x12.50R17----------64.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---35x12.50R15----------64.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----35x13.50R15----------60.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----35x15.50R15----------73.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----35x13.50R16----------60.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------15/35-15 (6ply)-------81.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------15/35-16.5 (6ply)-----76.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)------15/35-16.5 (10ply)----84.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX----------35x15.50R15 (6ply)---83.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX----------35x15.50R16.5 (6ply)-78.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------35x14.50R15 (6ply)---73.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------16/35-15 (6ply)------85.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------35x14.50R16 (6ply)---75.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------16/35-16 (6ply)------82.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------35x14.50R16.5 (6ply)-76.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------16/35-16.5 (6ply)----87.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------16/35-16.5 (10ply)---91.00 lbs

Super Swamper Radial---------36x12.50R15 (6ply)-----64.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------36x14.50R15 (6ply)-----79.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------36x12.50R16 (10ply)----70.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------36x14.50R16 (10ply)----84.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------36x14.50R16.5 (10ply)--84.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----36x12.50R15 (8ply)-----65.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----13/36-16 (6ply)--------67.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----36x12.5R16.5 (8ply)----66.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------36x12.50R15 (6ply)----78.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------36x12.50R16.5 (6ply)--74.00 lbs

BF Goodrich M/T---------------37x12.50R17-----------69.72 lbs
Goodyear MT/R-----------------37x12.50R15-----------74.20 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---37x13.50R15-----------87.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Radial Claw---37x13.50R17-----------85.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----37x13.50R15-----------80.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----37x13.50R16-----------81.00 lbs
Mickey Thompson Baja Claw-----37x13.50R16.5---------77.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------37x13.00R15 (6ply)----84.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------37x13.00R16 (6ply)----83.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------37x13.00R16.5 (6ply)--82.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------37X13.00R16.5 (8 ply)-85.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger----------37X13.00R17 (6ply)----85.00 lbs

Super Swamper Radial---------38x15.50R16.5 (10ply)----95.00 lbs
Super Swamper Radial---------38x15.50R15 (6ply)-------89.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----38x12.50R15 (6ply)-------71.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----16/38.5-15 (6ply)--------90.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----13/38-16 (6ply)----------69.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----38x12.5R16.5 (6ply)------73.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----16/38.5-16.5 (6ply)------89.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------38x12.50R15 (6ply)------85.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------38.5x14.50R15 (6ply)----89.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------38x12.50R16.5 (6ply)----83.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------38x12.50R16.5 (10ply)---85.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL/SX---------38.5x14.50R16.5 (6ply)--93.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------38.5x11.00R15 (6ply)----74.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------38.5x11.00R16 (6ply)----72.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------38.5x11.00R16.5 (6ply)--69.00 lbs

Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----15/39.5-15 (6ply)-------96.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----15/39.5-16.5 (6ply)-----92.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----15/39.5-16.5 (6ply)-----98.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------18/39.5-15 (6ply)------110.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------18/39.5-16.5 (6ply)----109.00 lbs

Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----15/42-15 (6ply)--------106.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----15/42-16.5 (10ply)-----104.00 lbs

Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----18.5/44-15LT(6ply)-----122.00 lbs
Super Swamper TSL (bias)-----18.5/44-16.5LT(6ply)---121.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------19.5/44-15LT(6ply)----142.00 lbs
Super Swamper Bogger---------19.5/44-16.5L(6ply)----146.00 lbs

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Here's what I got from studying 37" M/T's:

Toyo O/C : 92.6#
BFG KMs: 71.6#
GY MTR w/ Kevlar: 76#
Interco Trxus: 78#
Pro Comp: 84.4#
Iroc radial: 81#
Yokohama Geolander: 71.6#
Hankook Dynapro: 87.8#
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