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Tire/Wheel size 99 tacoma 4x4 2.7l no mods

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I have a 1999 tacoma 4x4 2.7l with nothing but factory on it and I'm new to the aftermarket upgrades stuff. It's now time for me to get new tires and such, so I was wondering will a 31X10.50R-15 tire fit with no problems? Also on the rim dimension should it be a 4 1/8" or 3 5/8" backspace on a 15x10 rim?
If anyone can help I would appreciate it greately. :D
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Depending on your Backspacing 15x8's will work with 31's with no Body or suspension mods. I ran 15x8's with 3.75 backspacing on 31's and they rubbed a little bit on the fender wells at full turn. but now I have 4.5 inches of lift(in front) and run 33x 12.50 Thornbirds:D, on a 15x10 wheel of course. I also have some stuff off my truck for sale, hit me up on AIM(Stemmy4504) or on here. Thanks
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