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I going to be purchasing my new tires this afternoon and I just had a sudden change of mind. I have a 03' dcab that is going to have a Cornfed 2" sus. Lift and I just got some 15" classic 2's. Will 31x10.5 tires look stupid with this lift or should I look at 32's??
Help!! Time is running out!!!
O, ya, the tires are going to be Mickey's MTX's. And if I have to go with the 32" what brands are the cheapest? Thanks in advance everyone!! :confused:
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In my opinion, yes. 31x10.5 isn't even a true 31. Your stock tires are the same height if not slightly larger. 32x11.5 would look much better. However, i am not sure of backspacing with the MT classic 2. So I don't know if you will rub or not. Someone who knows will answer, don't worry. But as far as looks, go with one size up, it looks killer with a couple inches of lift on a double cab.
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