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So over the past 2 months my truck has been making some weird noises which I eventually isolated to the transmission. It would whine when I put it in drive with the brakes on. Over time the noise actually migrated from being in drive to being in reverse. Eventually it threw the CEL and gave a code of P0770 which was the shift solenoid E. I replaced the solenoid yet the noise remained until I drove it the next day while giving it a good run. Mind you the fluid color was not overly dark and I still had about 10,000 to go before the next fluid change. Since the noise was gone after the part was replaced I thought the problem was solved, so I took the truck on a 4 day camping trip. On the last day on the way home it started making some expensive sounding noise. It sounded like there were loose pieces of metal inside while I was driving. God allowed me to get my truck home where I got to work on solving the problem, ie calling junk yards for a transmission (I called a transmission repair shop who quoted me $3500 to rebuild).

I also got under the truck and looked where I saw fluid dripping from the bell housing which I guessed was not good. When I pulled the tranny out there were 2 loose ball bearings inside the bell housing and I could see there was no longer a seal around the splined shafts going inside the transmission:

Drained the fluid which had less than a 1,000 miles on it and found some dark fluid. Pulled the pan and this is what I found (and no I did not pour glitter in the pan before taking the pic):

Here's a look at one of the magnets:

Here's a look at the tranny without the filter. The forward most solenoid by itself is the 'E' solenoid in case you throw that code:

Well ordered a transmission from a truck w/ 51,000 on it along with a new screen filter from Toyotapartsales. I also pulled the old tube & fin cooler out and flushed it with over 2 quarts of fluid and still saw stuff coming out so I tossed it. I ordered a Tru-Cool 8X11X1-1/2 cooler which is pretty massive. I notched it to fit on the passenger side half of the front of the condensor and used the included brackets to mount it so it was independent of the condenser. I also loosened the hard line running across the front and spaced it out to run in front of the support so I could mount the cooler between it and the condenser. I ran new 3/8 hose and installed a Magnefine filter before the cooler. I bypassed the radiator and am only using the Tru-Cool (See here for more info Here's a pic of the cooler notched (Hand for size reference) - The center and top right corner is cut along with being bent slightly to fit:

Sorry don't have a pic of the cooler mounted yet but I'll try to remember when I pull the bumper again to mount the power steering cooler & filter.

Well it's all in and shifts like a dream without any horrible noises when the stereo's down!

Big thanks to Ranger1 for pretty much doing the whole thing while I helped a little, and MandATaco for teaching Ranger1 how to do it when they replaced Ranger1's tranny for fun. ;)
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