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Toff liners

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Anyone have this sprayed in their bed? Is it any good? Thanks.
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I'm a LINE-X dealer.

I'm very familiar with Toff. Toff is a 100% polyurethane liner like Rhino. Years ago, Toff bought out the now defunct Gatorback liners which was absolute junk. Toff has lost most of their business on my side of town. And, just recently, downsized in both Ft. Worth and Dallas due to financial problems. This info comes from Toff's salesman for the Fort Worth area that was layed off and called me looking for a job.

LINE-X is made of polyurethane and polyurea. It has more than double the tear strength of 100% polyurethane liners and about a 75 degree higher temp tolerance. LINE-X is the only brand that offers a nationwide lifetime warranty.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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