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Towing a Tacoma with electric transfer case

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I am new to this forum and came here for 2 reasons. 1 I will hopefully be buying a new Tacoma in a few months. 2. I hope I can get an answer on towing my P.U. behind a Motorhome. We are looking at a 4x4 double cab Auto V6. I will be installing a driveshaft disconect to protect the Trannie. Of course Toy says you cannot tow the truck. Will the transfer case give me a problem? I have been told to put it in 2 wheel drive and away we go. Is there a fuse ( maybe BCM) tht can be removed while towing that will stop the odometer from registering? Thanks

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I'm not sure, but I think if you want to suspend the odometer you can disconnect the vehicle speed sensor from the transfer case.
I don't think the Toyota ADD system ever fully really only disconnects one half-shaft I believe which of course relieves any torsion but all the differential components still spin and wear out. I think Ford of all companies came out with an ADD system that actually fully disconnects both half-shafts.
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