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Towing a Tacoma with electric transfer case

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I am new to this forum and came here for 2 reasons. 1 I will hopefully be buying a new Tacoma in a few months. 2. I hope I can get an answer on towing my P.U. behind a Motorhome. We are looking at a 4x4 double cab Auto V6. I will be installing a driveshaft disconect to protect the Trannie. Of course Toy says you cannot tow the truck. Will the transfer case give me a problem? I have been told to put it in 2 wheel drive and away we go. Is there a fuse ( maybe BCM) tht can be removed while towing that will stop the odometer from registering? Thanks

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I definitely do not want to use a tow dolly. After i posted I realized that the speedo would not register with a driveshaft disconnect. Wasnt thinking How do the front hubs work? When you are in 2 wheel drive do they disconnect? Thanks

TQM3 : Were the manusl hubs an OEM option? If not where did you buy them? Does anyone make them for the 05 PU. Sorry for all the questions. Did you mean Remco? We will be installing a brake device that works of our air brakes. Thanks

tacoma electric transfer case

I really appreciate all the answers. If I understand everything this what I read: There is no neutral for the transfer case. One of the shafts and the bearings are turning all the time. If this is correct then wouldnt this be true when you are driving down the road in 2 wheel drive? if so then the wear and tear would be the same as if you were under power? YES? NO?
OK beat Taco: Are you saying that IF the d-shaft is disconnected than it is OK? Thanks
1 - 5 of 16 Posts
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